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What we do

Our Work

"We're Still Friends" is a comedy team. We help build integrated videos from idea to launch. We're experts at disruptive, cloud-based web & mobile comedy films and technologies. Here's some of our works. Also, you can view our content on the youtube.com streaming video website by clicking here.

Fight Boat!

Boats! / Isaac Rentz / Punching

Time Travel Through Time

Bill Palmer / Radio Shack / Time Travel

Jonathan Meets DJ Chris

Hip Hop / Internets / Mystikal

The New Phone For Artists

Art Dicks / Comedy / Commercial / Telephones

Rockstar: Magic 8’s

Branding / Talking To The Camera / Web

Mr Whistles

Beachhead / Cats / Chris / Sarah Milligan

The Order #

Bel Biv Devoe / Customer Service / Door Swings / Telephones

Über: Tony

Mike Holmes / Ridesharing / Subaru / Telephones

Can I knock you out?

Comedy / Craigslist / Mike Holmes / Punching

Seal On Spotify

Batman Forever / Internets / Web

Chris Mena’s Home Haunting House Thing!

Boo / Halloween / Telephones

Jonathan’s Brother Dies

Comedy / Hotdogs / Internets / Web

The Passive Aggressive Game

Board Games / Branding / Comedy / Design

Molester Bike

Bikes / Comedy / Internets / Wine Coolers

Tall Friend

Adult Friend Finder / Comedy / Internets / Tall

Crazy Gregor’s (and Chris)

75% Off / Comedy / Craaaaazy / Internets


Adbusters / Branding / Devendra Banhart / Theramin

Calamari Rings (Hot Dog Lady B-Side)

Calamari Rings / Hotdogs / Internets / Rap

Chris Gets Lost

Acid / Chris / John Tied Up In the Basement / Kiara

Bros Spicing Bros

Bros / Channel 101 / Old Spice / Videography / Web

Genovesi Glass

Glass / Internets / Local Television / Rap / Videography


Board Games / Comedy / Indie Documentary

Hiking With Chris

Indie Documentary / Internets / John Lithgow / Outdoors

Trailer Thing

Comedy / Robeks / Trailer / Web

Affirmations With Chris

Affirmations / Chris / Talking To The Camera

Our Team

We're a small, talented, and extremely humble team. We craft the most amazing, breathtakingly beautiful digital solutions across multiple platforms of rich media experiences.


We Are Good At

We are a comedy team born out of a unnatural, animal passion to make great content. Our goal is simple: to collectively be the Bono of entertainment. Here's charts illustrating how good we are at these things.

  • Acting In Things
  • Writing Things
  • Dancing?
  • Cutting Edge Development
  • Scrabble
  • Video Production


We believe that comedy should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great user experience that users will remember because of their experience being great for the user.


A beautiful sketch needs to be complemented with great timing. Our writing team will help you (pause for emphasis) create it.

User Experience

At the heart of everything we do lies a great user experience. We take pride in our humor and really think and test every single joke.


Great content needs to be complemented with a great acting. Our team only needs one take several times until they get it right.


We design beautiful responsive comedy for any iOS app focusing on design, content and a great user experience.


Even on a macintosh computer, the jokes still land appropriately because of our focus on cross platform services.

Video Production

A beautiful comedy film needs a great “look.” Our comedy team has great looks.


I got tall guys for days. Jealous much…

- Christopher Mena -


We work with exceptional cutting-edge, forward-thinking brands and individuals. Close partnerships with industry leaders is paramount to creating world-class comedy.

What They’re Saying Blockquotes

this is very real in da field. very real. – kool kojak (Youtube Commenter)


Too much hipster, too little humor. – Sheps92 (Youtube Commenter)

When LAist pointed us to this epic power-rap paying homage to LA’s (hot dog) ladies of the night, we knew we had to share it again. – Huffington Post


So far, ten episodes of Underlings have been ordered and we can’t wait to see more than just this teaser. – Nerdist


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Want to say hello to us or one of us? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to using our high-speed internet computer.